About Namaste Montessori School

The Namasté Montessori School offers young children a small nurturing classroom environment based upon the discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori, (1870 -1952), the first woman in Italy to qualify as a physician.

Her educational philosophy focuses on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits, as well as a carefully prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences. Through this, the child develops intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities.

The Montessori method of education is designed to take full advantage of the child’s desire to learn and the child’s unique ability to develop his/her own capabilities. The Montessori Connection web site is a good place to find additional information on the Montessori Method of education.

Namasté Montessori School was founded in 2002 to foster a love of learning and to educate children to be caring, socially responsible citizens of their community and world. The educational programs involve children from 2 years and 5 months to 9 years of age. NCH seeks to educate the whole child, applying the Montessori philosophy, in a family-oriented environment. The philosophy of NMS is based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, whose holistic vision of education focuses on the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of the child.

For Dr. Montessori, and for NMS, education is preparation for life. NMS follows the tenets of Dr. Montessori by offering a child-centered and multi-sensory environment. The curriculum, the classroom and the teacher’s role are all carefully designed to honor self-paced growth while encouraging group awareness and social cooperation.